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If a modern day naval officer from India, gave a order to a US Navy seaman, the seaman would not carry out that order, and actually could be charged with a legal offense if he did.
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It makes sense that she'd know everything about DS9, but commanding a starfleet ship just like that seemed a little odd.
Sigokat wrote: View Post
In terms of comparison to modern day combat, I look at it from the viewpoint of Bajor being a Coalition Ally to the Federation.

For example I currently work in a Joint Command on a Coalition run base. Since the base is run by one of our Coalition partners we have to abide by the rules and regulations they have put in place for the base. However, if a Canadian Colonel walks into my office and starts issuing orders that are in direct conflict to the orders for my actual command I am under no obligation to follow them because that Colonel is not in my chain of command. I only have to follow his orders in regards to the base or if something is a safety issue.
One thing that I thing makes current military relations a poor example of Kira's relationship with Starfleet is that Bajor is a potential Federation member. It's clear from the pilot that the Federation leadership wants Bajor to join, and it wouldn't make much sense to alienate the planet's military leadership. [STRIKE]I think that the process of German re-unification would have been slowed had the Bundeswehr resisted the integration of East German soldiers and commanders.[/STRIKE]
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