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Re: Favourite Warp Effect...

I always loved the "Rubber Band effect"

I remember when Enterprise started the thing that annoyed me the most was that they'd A)Made a TNG warp effect for a pre-TNG series and B)Given that they'd done that, they dropped the best part of it, the rubber band part, for the cheesy movie era streak effect.

Enterprises was the worst combination of all worlds!

Probably the best ever warp scene was one of the last "rubber band effect" they did, Voyager and its allies warping out of the dark universe in....that episode where they got stuck in another starless dimension that wasn't "Night"
(Memory is failing me on that one )

Those 50 or so Missiles warping off to catch up with Voyager in an earlier ep looked pretty cool too.

I guess our favourite warp effect is just a product of our favourite era. If you grew up with the TOS era and Movies, you'll go for that. The same if you grew up with TNG/DS9 etc

That said, the recent films put on some spectacular efforts too.
If you freezeframe the fleet jump from ST09 then you can see it is a very, very extreme rubber band effect (the Reliant-link ship is the best example of this)

And I've only seen STID once but I loved every second of it, particularly the Warp Effect which felt like a tribute to both the TMP and TNG warp effects in one. A spectacular piece of art!
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