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Re: They really should have found a way to get Shatner on one of the m

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Old Kirk could have appeared during the mind meld in the first movie. It would have been brief but memorable.
The problem is, that would have called attention to the recasting, like including a clip of Sean Connery in Casino Royale. Or including a clip of Katie Holmes in The Dark Knight.

They got away with including Quinto and Nimoy in the same movie because the age differential was so extreme (Young Spock and Ancient Spock) that you could pretend that they were the same character, separated by a long lifetime of experience. But a shot of Shatner might strain our suspension of disbelief . . . .
I don't like recasting either but I make certain allowances if a different actor plays a much older or much younger version of a character and if the two look alike for the most part. In the case of Shatner and Pine, they're similar enough and the age gap is big enough that I could have accepted seeing them in the same movie..
Just to be clear, I have no problem with recasting, which is a long and honorable tradition in movies and television. I was just pointing out the structural difficulty of incorporating images of the previous actor in a film featuring the new one.

Recasting is fine as long we all accept the conceit that, say, Jim Rhodes always looked like Don Cheadle, or that Darren Stevens always looked like Dick Sargent. But you probably don't want to shatter that illusion by reminding the viewer that, hey, this is what the other guy looked like, remember him?
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