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The movies are already riddled with nods and call backs to the original shows and films, I think it's best to just move on. I suppose I'm just immune to fan pandering after the last two Star Wars prequels had George trying to appease to older fans by throwing in a bunch of pointless references "Hey look, it's Chewbaca, you remember Chewbaca, right? In those better films? Weren't they great? Isn't this film great?".
I had the same problem with The Hobbit. The camera would linger on characters from Lord of the Rings, with their familiar music cues, telling the audience, "Hey, remember THEM? Yeah, they're BACK!" Except, chronologically, this is supposed to be the first time we meet these characters.

Frankly, this is my problem with many prequels* in general, in that they require knowledge of previous movies to work, rather than as stand alones that just happen to play with another movie's building blocks.

*Not talking about the Abrams Trek films, though. They're not prequels.
nuTrek hasn't stooped that low, but I feel that references as such is cut from the same cloth and I find it more annoying than a wink as film makers intended. Berman thought throwing in Riker and Troi would be a delight for fans, but we saw how that turned out. I feel the same about a Shatner cameo, especially when Chris Pine is trying to put his own stamp on Kirk. If there has to be callbacks, I'd prefer it to be restricted to this new timeline.
Agreed, especially since the powers that be are trying their best to make us like the current cast (which is redundant because they've won us over). I thought Nimoy's role in XI worked, but it was already a stretch -- Into Darkness was just superfluous.
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