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Re: Earth Final Conflict - Why all of the cast changes? Backstory?

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In all honesty, the first season is overrated. It is not some sort of shining pinnacle of television some folks make it out to be.
For me, the second episode and "Sandoval's Run" are absolutely brilliant, while the rest of the first season is more variable in quality but generally good, declining some toward the end. I think the idea behind it was marvelous; the Taelons as originally depicted were one of the most genuinely, intriguingly alien species ever depicted in SFTV, one of the few that really felt like something other than just a human behavioral archetype in funny clothes and makeup. But it wasn't easy to live up to that potential.
I think killing Boone badly harmed the series because the Boone and Da'an friendship was the best part of the first season. You can't get rid of the best part of your show and expect to recover from that.

Tribune being so cheap with the show was embarrassing when you look at how much Paramount was spending on TNG and DS9.
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