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Re: Best Trek Lines Ever

For Trek-geek squee, one moment that's always stuck with me from the DS9 premier episode:

Picard: I'm sorry... have we met?

Sisko: Yes, sir. We met in battle. I was on the Saratoga at Wolf Three. Five. Nine.

[awkward silence]

(I wasn't big into Avery Brooks at times, but the delivery of that line was spot on.)

From TOS: Any part of the exchange from "This Side of Paradise" that starts with Kirk saying "Alright you mutinous, disloyal, computerized half-breed, we'll see about you deserting my ship."

Or from "The Trouble With Tribbles," when the director of DS-7 accuses Captain Kirk of taking his mission lightly, and Kirk replies "No sir, I take the mission very seriously, it's you I take lightly." (Sounds dickish, but the guy deserved it.)
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