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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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With the new movies, I wish they'd just do all new stuff.

My problem with Into Darkness was how much it kept reminding me of TOS, often in an unfavorable way. I mean, I'd be totally cool with new versions of the same characters in an alternate timeline, but I don't like that they kept reminding us of TOS by having Spock Prime show up, by all the similarities to TWOK, etc. It kept me from really accepting the characters as different versions, and that made me keep comparing them to TOS and TWOK in an unfavorable way. And I know it's an alternate timeline so things happen differently, but I wish they'd focused on them having totally different stuff to deal with.
Well the 09 movie had a glimmer of promise. Of course half the movie was dedicated to establishing "the reboot" with an unnecessary connection to the regular universe as if that would somehow appease the fans. The rest was dedicated to reintroducing us to the characters, a ton of flashy effects and that tentative thing called the plot. Still, a fun action flick in it's own right between all that.

Into Darkness.... bleh. There was absolutely nothing really original that he hadn't seen. Ooh let's have that Khan guy come back, but let's have Kirk die and Spock yell Khan instead! And totally having Section 31 as the bad guy, a corrupt evil admiral too, we'll have Carol Marcus in her undies, a tribble, and totally putting Spock Prime back in there, and this awesome new big black evil ship for the bad guys! This will be the best Trek movie ever!!! Wait... not really. Just cherry picking plot elements from all across the Trek spectrum, putting them into a blender and presto... "new" movie. What's the point of a reboot and a clean slate, if you're just going to do the same stuff with a slight makeover?

Always a hope they'll do something better with the 3rd movie. Though with transporters that can beam across the galaxy, I'm not sure why they're bothering with having a ship on a 5 year exploration mission now.
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