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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Between three seasons of TOS, two of TAS, six movies and two reboot movies and counting, Kirk and company have gotten as much screen time as any of the other series that lasted a full seven seasons.
You think that seventy-nine episodes (50 minutes each), twenty-two animated episodes (23 minutes each) and eight feature films (roughly 120 minutes apiece) equal the 178 episodes (45 minutes each) that TNG, DS9 and VOY each got?

TOS: (79*50)+(22*23)+(8*120)= 5,416 minutes. Each one of the 24th century seasons have roughly 2,500 more minutes of material.

TNG/DS9/VOY 178*45=8,010 minutes (this doesn't count the TNG films).

The only one TOS has more material than is Enterprise, which comes in at 4,018 minutes (98*41).

So Modern Trek has roughly 28,028 minutes of material compared to TOS's 5,416. I think we could stand to hang around Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise a while longer.
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