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Re: The "Keiko situation" (Rascals)

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There wasn't even anything "explored," really ... it was just there to creep O'Brien out - and apparently, us too!
It might have been interesting to have had a mini-arc with some of the children being require for some (TECHNO-BABBLE) reason to remain children for weeks. Keiko and perhaps Ro. Have Miles and Keiko arrive at some kind of relationship compromise, have a discussion/debate about child brides and the social effect of what the transporter can do, and what it shouldn't do within the federation society.

But in the rush to hit the reset button, that never happen.

Zombie Seeker wrote: View Post
You must realize that following up every post with "" makes it very hard to see your posts as being anything other than an attempt to stir up the pot, don't you?
No, actually I don't. The explanation for my usage of that "smile" was surmised by another poster and confirmed by me.

It's just a tag, nothing more.

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