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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Forbid the concept that Kirk and Spock aren't the only characters in the Star Trek universe and the setting isn't fixed on the starship Enterprise only.
This absolutely kills me!

There are seventy-nine episodes of Star Trek, there are over six-hundred episodes of the spin-offs. I'd say it's about time to explore the core of Star Trek a little bit more before rushing off to create yet another generic ship and crew.
You're easily amused if that's the case. but whatever makes ya happy.

Between three seasons of TOS, two of TAS, six movies and two reboot movies and counting, Kirk and company have gotten as much screen time as any of the other series that lasted a full seven seasons.

Heck, you got your wish in the current form of the franchise anyways yet you still think the next should be another clone of that? Though I guess I couldn't characterize NuTrek as exploring the "core" of Trek(thought tolerance and diversity where that not any set of characters). Characterization and strong story writing aren't exactly the franchise's strength at the moment.
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