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Re: What was Data doing before the D?

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Didn't Data chronicle the course of his previous Starfleet career in Deja Q?
No. He was talking about how long it takes a starfleet officer to retain certain ranks. Absolutely nothing about his experiences before the D
I could have sworn in that episode he mentioned how many years he spent as an ensign, how many years he spent as a lieutenant, etc.

Come to think of it it might have been better if they had started out his career as an ensign.
They did.

The actual line was in "Datalore" (not "Deja Q") when Data answered Lore's question on how to get a Starfleet uniform like his:

"If you get one the way I did, Lore, it will mean four years at the Academy, another three as ensign, ten or twelve on varied space duty in the lieutenant grades."

Because as Lt Cmd, you'd think that all the machine sentience issues would come up the first time he comes up for promotion, the first time he's given a leadership role, etc. There'd be debate about whether he should have been admitted to Starfleet, etc. By the time he's reached Lt Commander it's assumed he's already been accepted as sentient and trusted with leadership roles.
I think it was a case that there were those that challenged Starfleet's acceptance of Data as being sentient, even after more than a decade of service in Starfleet.
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