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Re: Peter David comic book story

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Richard did that? Or was that the Pocket editor-of-the-day's solution to resolving a stalemate with the Star Trek Office?
I doubt an editor would've done that. It's the way someone accustomed to the culture of screenwriting would've handled things, since in Hollywood it's common for writers to be taken off of scripts and new ones assigned without necessarily being credited. But it's unprecedented in the prose industry, so it's hard to imagine that a Pocket editor would suggest any such thing.

Yes, but my point was that this bankruptcy was not explained to Trek fans at the time. Bob Greenberger briefly discussed the Star Trek Office's request to remove Arex and M'ress in DC Comics' lettercol of TOS Series II, issue #1. Richard Arnold used to tell conventions, re the 1989 memo, that "TAS does not crossover with the film series", and I believe he also used that quote in his column of "The Communicator" (magazine of the Official Fan Club). They could have said, "the use and rights of TAS are constrained by Filmation's bankruptcy", but nobody did.
Maybe they couldn't have said that. When there are ongoing contractual or legal negotiations, it's often not permitted to discuss them publicly until after they're resolved. There is a lot of confidentiality in business.
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