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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Of course, my mom also says sometimes "you just have to squint" as she put s it when you're watching shows to enjoy them which isn't bad advice either.
Oh I realize that with a show like this you just have to accept a few unbelievable things and I would even forgive some of these actions and zombie counts in season one or two, when the whole Zombie Apocalypse was something new but our heroes have learned a lot since then and have become proficient Zombie Killers so one would think at some point the numbers would be dwindling, not growing.

We've also seen Zombies just sit down and become dormant when there is no food around, if the show took place in L.A. or New York I could see a never ending hoard of Zombies but we are talking about rural Georgia here and there are many directions to go other than straight to the prison.
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