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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Would have appeared a bit more strategic if the Jets weren't doing the same thing on the field goal the Pats kicked to tie it. Since they did, though, doesn't seem likely that Rex tipped off the refs, and then made the same rule violation first...

Forget who, but someone with a connection to the refs (in general, not the guys from this game) said that the league had decided to make it more of an emphasis this week, as it was a new rule and basically being ignored by the refs (it had been happening a lot without any flags). So they were looking for it, or it was on the top of their minds. To not say anything earlier in the game, and then toss it on the potential game-winner in OT is kinda questionable, though.

Either way, it shouldn't have come to that. And the Pats are going to make the playoffs anyway (but not go far due to injury, I'd bet), so not like it's a season killer or anything...

Squeaky wheel gets the oil. Kind of curious why the Pats would even risk it (assuming they knew the rule) on a 56 yard field goal. I agree the timing of that call was highly suspicious and I'm still struggling to understand why that particular tactic warranted a rule change. It doesn't really seem to be a safety risk and it doesn't affect the kicking game in the grand scheme of things. Bizarre rule.
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