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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Watch the episode last night, I think it's the young girl feeding the rats to her pets.

As far as the gun goes, I think it meant nothing and was probably dropped by one of the Governor's people during the raid, I don't think we'll see anything else about it TBH.

I realize we are only into episode two but I get the feeling the Zombie Flu story line is going to be drug out, IMO it's not really that interesting and could get boring really fast.

Am I the only one that felt like that whole Michonne at the gate scene felt contrived?
She rode right past one of the walkers, why not take it's head off on the way by?

It's starting to feel like the characters are becoming dumber to add plot devices.

1. Why let the Walkers build up at the fence? We saw it was a problem last week, why haven't they been killing them all this time from last week to this week, if they all got out there once a day the job would be done in 10-15 min, why risk them building up over night?

3. Where are all these walkers coming from? This is a rural area with huge farming properties and small towns.
If I had so many showing up at my front door all the time I'd be sending out raiding parties to kill as many as I could or set up noise makers to lure them away from where I live.
This confuses me as well. There really should not be enough zombies in rural Georgia to fill upp that fast. They even seem to kill them on a daily basis. Perhaps they should increase their efforts. They do not seem that short on time, either.
Exactly, they pretty much have nothing but time so why not spend it better protecting yourself?

Also could you imagine what all those rotting Walkers smell like, let alone all the diseases they probably carry? Why would you want that 20-30 feet away from you?

Let alone just be annoying as hell to have them milling around, moaning and wanting to eat you.

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