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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

About Reliant's rollbar phasers... I think they were just standard ones since the model shows regular ball turret phasers on the rollbar. YMMV.

Just to add more about how phasers work (at least on the Defiant) in "Starship Down":
STEVENS: The phasers are out of the question. The emitters are completely fused.
MUNIZ: But the phaser generator's working fine.
STEVENS: The deflector array.
MUNIZ: With a few modifications, we could use it as a phaser emitter.
STEVENS: It might not be what you had in mind, sir.
MUNIZ: And there is one problem. It will overload after the first shot.
WORF: I only need one shot. How long will it take you to make the modifications?
MUNIZ: Twenty minutes?
STEVENS: Ten if we can bypass the safeties.
WORF: Proceed.
STEVENS: I think we should route the generator output through the secondary power grid.
MUNIZ: We'll have to recalibrate the ODN manifold.
STEVENS: That'll overload the whole system. What a mess.
MUNIZ: We'll worry about that tomorrow.

In "For the Uniform" the crew called out "phaser banks 1 and 2".

And in "Defiant" we find out they're also running the phaser power directly off the (presumably warp) plasma conduit of the ship.
RIKER: Running the plasma conduit through the primary phaser coupling has almost doubled your phaser power. Doesn't that cut into your warp drive efficiency?

So taking a stab at the power flow on the Defiant:

Warp Core > Warp Plasma Conduit > Primary Phaser Power Coupling > Phaser Generator > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

For the TOS Enterprise:

Warp Power + Aux Power + Any Power > Energizers > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

TMP Enterprise:

Warp Power > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

TWOK Enterprise:

Warp Power + Aux Power + Any Power > Energizers > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

TNG Enterprise-D:

Warp Power + Aux Power + Any Power > EPS > Phaser Bank(s) > Phaser Emitter(s)

Or something like that
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