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Re: Dukat attracted to Nerys?

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His whole obsession about Bajor in a nutshell. He must have that victory.

Do you think that's related to his obsession with Bajoran women, specifically? Or is he into Bajoran woman because they're the women around him (when he was prefect, I mean, there didn't seem to be many Cardassian woman around and he seemed into aliens).

I always that, too, was related to his idea that he should be revered on Bajor, so he also thought the chicks there should dig him. And yet, pretty much every Bajoran woman he beds does it because he's taking advantage of an unequal power situation (Meru's a comfort woman taken from her family; Ziyal's mother was probably something like that; the one in Covenant thinks he's the messiah, even Winn, he gets with her due to deception and because she knows he knows stuff about the pah wraiths, etc. It's also implied that he probably just stood on the promenade and picked out women, which were to brought to him).

Related: Has anyone read/does anyone remember the article in star trek magazine, april 2001, in which Marc Alaimo tries to explain that Dukat's not really a very bad guy? I have to disagree with that (even if Dukat doesn't consider himself one).
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