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Re: NHL Season Discussion - 2013/14

Question: I just started to get back into hockey about two years ago. With being in the Army and being overseas ALOT I just kind of lost track of it (they do show hockey on AFN but not all the time).

So my question is: do the seasons always start so soon after the end of the last season? I know last year there was the lockout which caused the season to start late, but it just seems like I was just watching the Stanley Cup games a few months ago! Granted, I'm still in Afghanistan so that kind of dregs my sense of time.

Back in 2012 I did get to go to a Florida v. Carolina game while stationed at Ft. Bragg thanks to Military Appreciation Night. The game was fun, but the seats were uncomfortable (no leg room) and had an annoying drunk behind us yelling "Dig in!" all the time...he even admitted he knew nothing of hockey LOL

I do go to the local Fayetteville Fireantz games and went to the Augusta Lynx games when I was stationed at Ft. Gordon. Overall, those games are always alot of fun.
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