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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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I am no fan of Rex Ryan at all but he basically earned his team a win by tipping off the refs about that asinine rule prior to the game. I won't get into the rule because it's pretty crazy in and of itself but when you call attention to a possible infraction before the opening kickoff you know the refs have to call it because they know you will be watching for it closely. A little gamesmenship to be sure but it paid off in a crucial juncture. You see something crazy every sunday in the NFl.
That's pretty common. If a team discovers that teams are playing looseley with a rule during film studies, they will alert the refs.
No doubt but given how vague this rule was it was a good catch. It's also possible he was tipped off by his brother who played them the week prior. Either way, one upping Belichik is extremely rare.
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