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Re: The "Keiko situation" (Rascals)

GoRe Star wrote: View Post
Or maybe you're just looking too far into things.... maybe T'Girl always used a regular smiley ending every post and for some reason after the Halloween name change she started using the devil one at the end of every post... completely random I'm sure.
Pegged it.

Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
There's a vast difference between discussing the topic in an adult manner and saying "Maybe she grew her hymen back. "
That was not an attempt at humor, but a valid consideration. Keiko was once again a prepubescent female child, with everything that physically comes with it. No maybe involved.

George Steinbrenner wrote: View Post
It's the comments themselves.
Your discomfort is your own affair, again I didn't create this thread, nor swing it (in the second posting) in the direction of sex with someone who had become a physical child. Actually, from what I recall from the episode, Miles wasn't struggling with the idea of sex with Keiko, he was having trouble with the idea of touching her at all. Initially he could not even comfort her the way anyone would comfort a child, which is commonly to embrace them.

The direction of this threat really is empty, I've see no indicate that Miles is sexually oriented towards prepubescent girls, the fact that the girl in question is his spouse with a adult consciousness is irrelevant. I truly believe that Miles would be psychologically incapable of sex with a ten year old Keiko.


A (somewhat long winded) discussion on employing the holodeck for the purpose of sex, rape, torture and pedophilia can be found here ...

(Happy Halloween)
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