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Your TV is too dark. We see the hand holding the flashlight and it was not a child's hand. Also the fact that the rat is being dangled by its tail at head-level of the walker makes it clear this is someone of adult height.
Nope, just watched it for a third time. I adjusted the brightness and contrast on the TV all the way up. No hand is visible. Ever heard of people holding something above one's head? That rat could totally be held by a kid. Especially considering we have no way of knowing if the walker was bending over or not to reach the rat.
I can see a hand. So I don't know what to tell you. Maybe your copy was badly compressed or something. You see it in two shots when the flashlight isn't facing directly at the camera.

There is nothing to suggest the walker is is lower than normal height, and the approaching walker from behind it suggests they are both standing and normal height.

For one of those girls to be holding the rat at the height it is shown and in the way it is portrayed they would need to be on a step stool (they even made fun of the idea on Talking Dead this week).

Unless they intentionally filmed it to be misleading, it almost definitely wasn't one of the kids. And certainly not one of the younger ones.
At what time did the rat feeding happen? Don't remember it that clearly, and thought I could rewatch it later.
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