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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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Anyone surprised at how much screentime Carol is getting so far?
Not really, they killed off the two female leads last season, it makes sense to give more screentime to an existing female character that's not Maggie or Michonne. Carol is also one of only five season one characters remaining, the only female and she has become more popular, she deserves every second of screentime she gets.

The murderer being a mole sent by the Governor is too obvious, so I hope they don't go in that direction!
Even of there was a mole, wouldn't he or she lay low and wait for a chance to take out Rick and Daryl?

I hope they adapt the serial killer story from the comics, that would give them an addtional threat, rat fed zombies at the fence, the infection spreading and a crazy killer among them. Forget the governor, I'd be happy if he never shows his face again except for a cameo where he is unceremoniously killed off. Like he shows up at the gate and Carol blows his brains out from one of the towers. "That was pretty good, Carol!" "Not really, that was supposed to be a warning shot ..." Then they all laugh and the governor storyline is forgotten.
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