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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

Pretty good second episode.

The opening and the waiting for the attack to come was very tense. I can't believe they weren't already locking their cell doors. That is kind of stupid. People can easily die in their sleep, and something like this could happen again in the future if they don't take more precautions. A few people on guard duty around the cell blocks every night would greatly increase the safety for everyone.

Glad to see Farmer Rick is back to being Badass Rick. His plan was good, I was expecting him to run over the walkers with the truck. Felt sorry for the piglets, but they had to go. They were a good way to spread diseases.

Anyone surprised at how much screentime Carol is getting so far? Looks like they want to give the actress more material. Not sure about the two little girls storyline. They have an expiration date right above their heads, but I hope they stay alive for Carol's sake.

I got the feeling Karen was going to die the moment the episode started. There was something so obvious about it with how cozy Karen and Tyreese were getting. Of course I was expecting her to be walker bait, wasn't expecting her to be burned alive. Will the rest of the season's plot be trying to discover who the murderer is?

Maybe the person that did it wasn't really evil, but being brutally logically by burning the two people before they could spread the disease? The murderer being a mole sent by the Governor is too obvious, so I hope they don't go in that direction!
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