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Say what one likes about Regeneration, it's a one-off... as in, it didn't do any lasting damage to the series, unlike, say, "Broken Bow", which introduced Reed, Mayweather, and Sato to the cast.

Myself, I think it's tons of fun.
I'm gonna throw another spanner in to the works here regarding Fist Contact the episode. Specifically Picard's line to the Chancellor speaking about first contact.

"Centuries ago disaterous contact with the Klingon empire led to decades of war and it was decided then we would do surviellence before making contact".

Yet when you watch ENT "Broken Bow" where first contact between Earth and the Klingons is made, there is nothing that suggest "decades of war" would ensue. You watch the rest of ENT and still there is nothing resembling a preamble to warfare. Sure Duras had an axe to grind against Archer, but that was it. With how the NX crew and Section 31 helped the empire during the Augment virus 2 parter. It seemed the relationship with the Klingons was no different that what we are used to seeing in the TOS-TNG era. A grudgingly mutal respect.

Why is the history of first contact with the Klingons (that Picard recites), different from what we actually see as first contact with the klingons (ENT Broken Bow?

!!!CONTINUITY!!! It's not just for the coherent anymore

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