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Re: Dukat attracted to Nerys?

DUKAT: Perhaps the biggest disappointment in my life is that the Bajoran people still refuse to appreciate how lucky they were to have me as their liberator. I protected them in so many ways, cared for them as if they were my own children. But to this day, is there a single statue of me on Bajor?
Dukat does not think of himself as a rapist.

Rape by Deception.

He's insane.

In his mind, Kira is his once and future daughter as well as his betrothed.

(Up till the point he dies, if it's at all a permanent death.)

If he expects statues and gratitude from the tired withered dregs he nearly worked to death, then why wouldn't he expect a World's Greatest Dad mug from Kira, the daughter of the woman he institutionally raped for 8 years?
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