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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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TNG TM says that under most operating circumstances the M:AM ratio in a GCS is 25:1 and that it gets up to 1:1 as it approaches higher warp factors.
Sounds logical. I haven't read any trek literature, I only know the films and series, so I only remembered what Wesley said in one TNG episode about the ratio being always 1:1. Of course I ignore what he said.

What if the thing that makes post-Excelsior designs special is that they're able to go with a pure 1:1 M/AM ratio rather than having to have reactant deuterium to be used in a way that can be energized. That is to say, things like the swirlie chambers probably are some sort of anti-matter spiked fusion plant rather than a pure m:am 1:1 reaction. Hence you'd need the stuff to be reacting at the whole thing of the chamber, rather than in a single reaction chamber.
The warp plasma that's "de-energized" in the warp coils and energizers would still need to be replaced. And since it is already needed in the warp core (to absorb the energy from the reaction) it would always be needed to replace it right there. Otherwise the annihilation energy could go nowhere and would just make the warp core explode (or maybe melt).

Also, a XCV-330 with a 5km diameter engine would at least be the overall size of Earth Spacedock. Basically we're talking about a Babylon station sized thing.
This seems to be a bit huge if you ask me, but if it can be rationalized ...
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