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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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And they're right. History doesn't mean the whole past, it means what's documented about the past. "An Unearthly Child" (or "The Tribe of Gum" or "10,000 BC" or whatever) is set before the dawn of recorded history. So it's not a historical -- it's a prehistorical. "Marco" is the first story set during actual historical (i.e. documented) events.
In Doctor Who, historicals are stories set in Earth's past, without any sci-fi elements.
Wether niggling over "Pre-historical" or "Historical", IMHO, as a Serial, it doesn't qualify because An Unearthly Child brings in all the SciFi elements, The TARDIS, The Time Travel, etc. Now, of course, The Historicals have them traveling in The TARDIS, but, that's after that part is established. With The first episode, since it introduces the whole premise and the SciFi elements and that's mainly what the episode is about, it qualifies as SciFi, IMO. The other 3 episodes are like a different Serial, and yea, they belong in the "Historical" pile, IMHO (wether you want to call them "Historical" or "Pre-historical")
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