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Re: Who here actually works on a fan production?

I'm the creator/executive producer for Project: Potemkin. I also serve as a director, an editor, a VFX artist, a writer, a set builder, a makeup artist, and a janitor as needed. We have videotaped a total of 24 episodes/vignettes, with 10 currently on-line (and another to be added on-line within a few weeks). We also have 6 other vignettes ready for release, and plan on releasing them monthly after "Night" is released.

We have worked with cast and crew from Phase II, Starship Farragut, Starship Lexington, Starship Reliant, and Starship Valkyrie. (S02-J "Closing Time") We have provided unwavering support to Star Trek: Antyllus and the forthcoming Star Trek: Ironsides.

Our 2000' sqft studio's sets are open for use to anyone interested in shooting on them.
Project Potemkin
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