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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

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I always tend to think of "masculino-fascist" type of concepts as what you get when you have a right-winger embarrassed by their cherished reactionary illusions trying to sound leftish by trying to copy Marxism without ever, ever bothering to find out anything about it.
Spaceflight and even science was lampooned as being 'penetrative' for awhile by some eco-feminists and deep ecologists. Even Chomsky had to put the breaks on that and well as postmodernism. I've always adored Camille Paglia myself.
You should find the AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER on TMP; there is a general article before the tech ones that sounds like somebody's psych thesis at times, comparing the Enterprise to spermatozoa as it penetrates v'ger's exterior. You'd figure that kind of thing for the DISCOVERY in 2001, but for TMP?
Well, the way Kirk looks at the ship in drydock ...
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