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Re: They really should have found a way to get Shatner on one of the m

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Except for Khan and the inverted TWOK sequences. Sure.

Honestly the best bit of the film to me was when they were doing the Star Trek thing on Niburu, and that was an entirely new alien species, and visually compelling sequence. I liked everything except for Enterprise being underwater, but that was a minor thing. The sequence as a whole is very well done, paced nicely, has a solid conflict going on for the characters. If they would do more of that, and less of the reflection, inversion, call backs, and cameos i'd be a very happy Trekker. That scene showed me that they could bring back the old Trek vibe of TOS without actually doing something specifically from a previous episode of Trek.
I kind of agree with this.

Personally I know it's highly unlikely Shatner will show up in any form on nuTrek. I think it was a missed opportunity that they should have used in the first movie.

Doing Khan again was a bit of a rehash, but hopefully now the new movies can move on their own without rehashing old TOS.
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