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Re: Futuristic Horror Movies?

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i had always heard that rumor about Pinhead in Freddy vs Jason as well.
Pinhead vs Freddy makes more sense to me in that they can at least exchange verbal barbs as well.

I always thought of Pinhead as rather like Charles Emerson Winchester from MASH, with Freddy being more Hawkeye Pierce, a working class villain. Jason and Michael Myers have more in common--save for who owns the rights...

I've always wanted to see a movie set in Hell, with all these characters together.

It would be rather like DC's PREACHER, with a little Ghostbusters added.

The idea of belief made manifest interests me.

The idea is that a maelevolent god and hell did not exist before people believed in it--with books like LEFT BEHIND actually becoming likely in that the more people who believe makes such gruesome things actually horrifically real.

Enough serial killers believed in the idea that, the more you kill, the more you have control.

So Freddy and Pinhead have this Dante's Inferno type adventure, where the high rulers of Hell are sadly the warmongers of the 20th Century. They become anti-heros, as a Lovecraftian entity threatens to overwhelm them all.

Here, there are no dead teenagers, but a lot of dialog, and action in fighting demons and the like, and actually wind up saving our world...inadvertantly of course.

In terms of futuristic horror, I'd like to see a cautionary tale anthology involving near future threats.

In the 2020s, an A-380 hits the Sears Tower and a new Islamo-phobia is had. A heroic woman is sent to investigates whole towns of folks diasppearing in Russia, with mysterous diseases that are too targeted. A Bering Strait tunnel is used to asphyixiate dissidents by the train-load. In the US, a gun-powder eating micro-organism is released--the only truly effective gun-control method.

The end result, anarchy and vast waves of violent crime, and new feudalism
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