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Re: Thoughts on Season 5

I'm done through "Course: Oblivion" now. That one was interesting, though I question a lot of the "how" of it. I don't remember the ship being duplicated, how did they do that, why don't they remember getting on the ship and leaving the planet, how were they able to duplicate the doctor, phasers, shields, ship computers, "usable components" for a time capsule probe, etc (and again, why don't they remember), where did they get all of the anti-matter for the warp core, how come the duplicated ship was so close to the planet and the real Voayger was able to catch up to them - even though the real crew had left that planet months ago and even leaped way beyond that space with transwarp drive, how do they explain missing crew members (those who didn't agree to being duplicated), things like that. But perhaps they explained away some of that and my mind just wasn't absorbing the dialogue at that point in the show. Anyway, looking past all of that (lol), it was very interesting and TOS-esque.

I really liked "Dark Frontier," though I think they could have made it even more dramatic by forcing Seven to witness people being murdered who resisted, also showing more children being assimilated (to relate to Seven since she was assimilated as a child). That might have been powerful. Even showing Seven shed a tear or two over it. Or attempt to take her father with her back to Voyager, then he dies because they're not able to de-borgify him properly. Or have Seven look up to the heavens and yell "QUEEEEEEEEN!" No, I take that last one back.
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