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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

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I feel like this is the culmination of the Lubezki/Cauron collaboration - although I suppose working on two Malick films probably helped a lot too. (But maybe his work on Gravity probably ended before he started working with Malick?)
Lubezki has been collaborating with Terrence Malick since The New World in 2005. That film, and The Tree of Life (2011) certainly predate principal photography on Gravity.

He's been working with Malick a lot longer though -- since Love in the Time of Hysteria in 1991.
Ah, I had no idea they were working together for that long. I just assumed they hooked up with Tree of Life and To The Wonder.
Either way, as a cinematic experience, it's just beautiful. It probably helps being a giant space nerd though.

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7 times. Do you work for a movie theatre chain?
I don't. Part of it was just experiencing it in as many formats as I could. I've seen it in Atmos, IMAX, D-Box, and "regular". IMAX was the best viewing experience simply because it has the brightest projection.

And that's my only criticism of 3D - most film theaters don't pay for the higher luminance projection, so all my non-IMAX viewings of the movie looked dark and muddy at times.

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Well, when you put it that way, I guess I can't disagree. But if it were me, I'd definitely go for a 3D projector rather than a TV - you get a bigger screen/viewing area, and a more cinematic experience. But that's just moi.
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I agree. I've recently bought a 3D projector (I love it) and can't wait for Gravity to come out on 3D blu-ray! (well, that and Pacific Rim)
I don't have the room to go with a projector unfortunately. I was actually looking for smaller 3D TVs, but it looks like the TV makers are only putting 3D into 40" or larger sets these days. At least that's what the chain stores seem to carry up here anyway.
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