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Re: Futuristic Horror Movies?

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I feel no guilt in my love for Event Horizon, and this thread has inspired me to watch it again. It builds a great, scary atmosphere and sense of dread. The Dead Space videogame pays great homage to it.

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Hellraiser Bloodline
The original Hellraiser is my favourite horror film, but the franchise overall really is a mess. Still, I find Bloodline very enjoyable and it would have been a really great movie if the studio hadn't butchered it so much.

It's the last movie of the series to really try to tell an interesting Hellraiser story, rather than just be a psychological thriller with Pinhead slapped on, until Revelations. And that film is depressingly rushed and cheap.
Clive Barker has said that he wants to write the ultimate, absoutely final Hellraiser film where they completely and unequivocally kill off Pinhead for good this time, without the slightest possibility of bringing him back. I wonder if he's still working on that.

That being said, my favorite was the third film, I just got majorly creeped out by actually watching people being turned into Cenobites (and of course the nightclub massacre ).

And of course Terry Farrell.

Side note: Is there ANY truth to the rumor that Pinhead was supposed to appear in the final moments of Freddy vs. Jason? Supposedly he would have broken up a fight between them and calmly asked, "Gentlemen...what seems to be the problem?"
i had always heard that rumor about Pinhead in Freddy vs Jason as well. i recently watched Crystal Lake Memories, a seven hour documentary about the films and they didn't mention this when they discussed alternate endings.
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