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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

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Without its zerba stripes it's no longer a workbee

Yeah, the white hull definitely looks better without the zebra stripes.
White/putty/FedHullGray also goes better with that orange console. Like B.J., I didn't realize the workbees were yellow all along. A slight gold tint, perhaps, but otherwise neutral.

The only place the workbees were ever seen in DS9, to my recollection, was in the season 4+ opening titles, when they jazzed the sequence up. There's a workbee weaving between the pylons, but it's too small to tell if it sports these markings.

I kind of like the splash of color they bring to the exterior, but, as myself and others have noted, they aren't very logically placed on that updated model. Perhaps if they surrounded one of the panel details? Or ... why not a yellow and red racing stripe like we see on the side of the secondary hull?
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