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Re: Futuristic Horror Movies?

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Clive Barker has said that he wants to write the ultimate, absoutely final Hellraiser film where they completely and unequivocally kill off Pinhead for good this time, without the slightest possibility of bringing him back. I wonder if he's still working on that.
Well, Pinhead dies for good in the film Bloodline. Barker has finished work on a novel called The Scarlet Gospel, which is going to also kill him off forever, and has recently submitted it to his publisher. Sadly though, he's left it so long that it almost seems pointless killing off Pinhead forever, as the franchise has been essentially dead for years and years.

Side note: Is there ANY truth to the rumor that Pinhead was supposed to appear in the final moments of Freddy vs. Jason? Supposedly he would have broken up a fight between them and calmly asked, "Gentlemen...what seems to be the problem?"
I've heard this many times, but I don't fully buy it. Did they really think they'd be able to get the rights?

Freddy vs Jason has a lot to like about it, but is hindered by a cast of victims that are the worst in any slasher I've seen. Apart from scream queen Katherine Isabelle from the Ginger Snaps trilogy.
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