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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

the G-man wrote: View Post
Rats. At the beginning of the episode, someone feeds a rat to a walker through the prisonís outer fence.

Who is doing that, and why are they trying to bait more walkers to the prison?
I'm guessing that the new guy Bob Stookey is a Governor plant sent to sabotage the prison.

davejames wrote: View Post
Yeah yeah, really strong episode and everything, but what I want to know is when the hell did Hershel grow his freakin leg back?? Did that not jump out at anybody else? He goes from walking on crutches with half his leg gone to strolling around on two legs like nothing ever happened.

If we're meant to believe he found an artificial leg somewhere, he sure wasn't walking like it.
Last week they showed part of Herchel's artificial leg. He was kneeling down and you could see the metal rod with the fake foot attached.
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