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Re: Downton Abbey ITV1 22nd September 9pm

I really appreciated how they reminded us that he's silently dangerous. His delivery of his response to Mrs. Hughes at the end was great.
Mrs. Hughes was quite ingenious in changing the story in such a way Bates is less likely to murder someone and go to prison. She got lucky, though, that Anna didn't immediately spill the beans when Mr. Bates told her he knew what had happened. Considering that she thought she was readable as a book to him she did a good job. The question now is whether he believed them and will try to find that unknown perp or whether he's secretly convinced it really was Mr. Green. I'm glad that at least Anna and Mr. Bates are together again.

I totally overlooked that Edith went to a Doctor. Do you guys think she had an abortion? If so, that would be a very subtle way of showing that.

All in all, a good episode. I'm very curious how Anna's and Mr. Bates' storyline and that of Edith will continue. I could really do without that Evelyn guy.
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