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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

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Well, maybe without ... the reaction thrusters (since we didn't see anything like them upon the Galileo or the "E" itself).
My own personal in-universe trexplanation for RCS thrusters on ships like the NX-01 and the refit Enterprise (which bracket the original NCC-1701 and Galileo-class shuttlecraft, which didn't have them): Constitution-class starships and Galileo-type shuttles used flywheels or gravity generators or something else besides RCS thrusters for fine adjustments to course and position. As it turned out though, field experience showed that this mystery technology was inferior in performance to good ol' tried-and-true thrusters. By the time that Cargo Management Units were designed (perhaps only a few years before ST:TMP), RCS thrusters were back in vogue. (And by the ST:TMP era, CMUs were usually painted yellow.)
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