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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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Has any one agreed with you that Voyager had more continuity than they thought there was?

Are you changing minds?
The list of "Maquis episodes" does a lot, in my mind, to illustrate the problems of narrative development from episode to episode, season to season. In many of the episodes, the Maquis aspect is no more than a minor aspect of the characters' background, if not simply throwaway lines that give the characters depth. Many of them are really just Seska episodes: her conflicts had far superseded her mission to infiltrate the organization, transforming almost immediately into issues of how the ship was failing to capitalize on opportunities (as well as her personal issues with Chakotay). (ETA: almost all Maquis episodes concerned a conflict with an outside source rather than a tension within the crew, and even when that happened, it was more between Chakotay and the remaining Maquis). Too many Maquis episodes are really just contrivances in which someone from the past has come up with a means of seeking personal revenge. Worst Case Scenario? someone forgot to tell Chakotay and B'Elanna that their Maquis story had ended long before it did in the Alpha Quadrant.

The fact that TNG and DS9 did fewer Maquis episodes seems irrelevant: they introduced the Maquis as a vehicle that Michael Piller intended to be a prime aspect of Voyager. Nonetheless, Voyager never developed the Maquis as well as the other shows did, particularly with Ro Laren and Michael Eddington. THose two spoke more to an evolving and unique way of life more than Chakotay did (and of which he would less and less).
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