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Uhara I don't know what she is meant to be but all she does is whine at Spock until the end when she is beamed down for 2 seconds and shoots Khan. It is just so lame.
So I take it you missed the whole sequence when she stood alone and confronted a number of Klingons, the whole reason she was there was that she could speak Klingon something the original version (at least in STVI) wasnt able to.

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The other things that bugged me were, why are people still using laptops and mobile phones 300 years in the future.
It wouldnt be Star Trek without communicators (and the fact they now receive text messages is a nice touch) and how do you think tablets and other computers will evolve over the next 200 years? They will become more advanced but should still look similar if not just smaller.

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Why is there always a magic button in the midst of everything going to shit that if pressed saves everyone (this happened twice). If the core was out of alignment, why wasn't there some machine that could align it inside the core, without Kirk having to go in and kick it.
Ok that bit was a bit dumb, you would think they would build a system to allow them the option to align the core but then that would involve a magic "turn it off and back on again wait for it to align" button.

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And the dumbest part, the 911 reference at the end.
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worst star trek movie ever!
Hardly, The Motion Picture is worse as are TFF, Insurrection and Nemesis and I dont mind any of those films.

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edit: and the whole kirk and spock thing was somewhat homeoerotic.
Care to explain how its any different to how their friendship has been shown in the past? "Captain, please, not infront of the Klingons" springs to mind.

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