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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

Just to go off on a tangent here, I've been rewatching old episodes on Netflix, and it's driven home one thing that's always bugged me about the show. Namely, I've always hated the closing line of the title sequence: "They don't just tell the myths -- they put them to the test." What bugs me there is: to whom are they being contrasted? Is there anyone who "just tell[s] the myths?" What would be the point? It's always struck me as a spurious comparison. I really, really hate that line.

I also keep wondering about the line saying that Adam and Jamie have "over thirty years of special-effects experience" between them. But that's what the narration said when the show began a decade ago. So shouldn't they cumulatively have over fifty years of FX experience now (i.e. an additional ten years apiece)? Granted, M5 Industries no longer produces special effects due to its full-time commitment to Mythbusters, but a lot of what MB does is applied special-effects knowledge, I'd say. At the very least, I think they did continue doing some FX work for a few years after the show started, so their cumulative FX experience probably adds up to at least forty person-years. (Although this is interesting, from their Wikipedia page: "The company now performs research and development work for various other companies, which include developing electric vehicles, various lifesaving devices, and other useful gadgetry." Good for them!)
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