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Re: They really should have found a way to get Shatner on one of the m

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The movies are already riddled with nods and call backs to the original shows and films, I think it's best to just move on. I suppose I'm just immune to fan pandering after the last two Star Wars prequels had George trying to appease to older fans by throwing in a bunch of pointless references "Hey look, it's Chewbaca, you remember Chewbaca, right? In those better films? Weren't they great? Isn't this film great?".
The Chewbacca stuff didn't cause the problems with the Star Wars prequel. Actually I thought it was good. It gave us background on Chewbacca.

All this complaining about the directors 'pandering' to the fans.
Who cares? As someone else said the non-fans don't realise so it doesn't hurt them. The 'true' fans get a thrill. What's wrong with that?

Bring Shatner on. Have a cameo by Sisko's grandfather or Riker's great great uncle. Star Trek is not that precious. We had Worf's father/grandfather or something in ST6. Did people cry about it all day and declare the movie ruined?

Did people hate NEM because Janeway made a cameo?

OK I did hate the last episode of ENT because Troi and Riker were in it, well not just because of that
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