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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x16 "The Offspring"

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The convention is often to have an opposite sex child when telling these stories. Troi had Ian in her "alien rape child" story and Seven had a male uber-Borg in a very similar story to The Offspring in VOY (offspring exceeds parent, then dies teaching them a valuable lesson).
That's probably the first time I've heard someone associate the word "valuable" with an episode like The Child, one of the most poorly adapted and poorly executed episodes of TNG's entire run. The fact that Ian is male kind of contradicts itself anyways.
Pulaski: It's a male human, or in this case half-human half-Betazoid.
Riker: Exactly the same as Deanna.
Pulaski: In every way. In fact, there is nothing to indicate that there are any genetic patterns other than hers.
It's like they wrote the story for Ian to be a girl, but when that didn't work out and they could only get a male child actor, Maurice just said "Just change that one line from female to male. Do I have to think of everything?!?". Except they forgot to change the following dialogue to acknowledge the fact why Ian is male instead of female despite being the same as every.

Also, here's the difference between these "male children" dying when compared to Lal dying. Ian and that uber Borg willingly sacrificed themselves to save the day, where as Lal died simply because she malfunctioned. So going by the logic of what we've seen in Star Trek, male children are strong willed and brave, where as female children are absent minded, weak and will die at the slightest experience of fear.
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