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Re: Most Attractive Male

Yay! A thread objectifying the men of TOS! ^_^

As a woman I have to say I don't find Kirk attractive at all. I like him as a character (and Shatner as an actor) but he just doesn't do it for me in looks *shrugs*

Spock I do find attractive, it's that deep voice of his....
Agreed with all this. I voted for Spock.

He has a pretty mouth, too. I've had a crush on Nimoy for as long as I can remember. Still do. Always will.

I voted for Scott. I think he was a handsome man, especially when he had his hair slicked back. I also liked his character the best with Spock being a close second.
I was about to say the same about his hair. It was a real improvement when he had it slicked back. I never considered him attractive before that. It's not that I agree with anyone slicking their hair back, it's just that the other hairstyle was sort of awful looking and distracted from his face.
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