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Re: United Trek Story Archive

The UT was born when Gibraltar (ST: Gibraltar) sent me (Dark Territory) an email with very nice words about one of my stories. In turn, I read his "Embers of the Fire", liked it a lot and thought it would be cool if the characters and events inhabited the same universe. From there, David Falkayn (ST: Sutherland, ST: Perseus, & ST: Lexington), CeJay (ST: Star Eagle Adventures), and Dnoth (ST: Independence) joined up eventually and the UT was in full swing.

David Falkayn, Michael D. Garcia (ST: Full Speed Ahead), and CeJay have all been instrumental in setting up websites where our stories are compiled and where we can discuss big events like Taskforce Vanguard to make sure we don't step on each others toes. Gibraltar is the brain behind Taskforce Vanguard and the Refugee Crisis and he designed both events to be open ended and flexible enough that it makes it easier not to step on toes.

You can find more information about the UT at the website below:
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