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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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That's an interesting point, but by all accounts Hartnell was a non personal-ist (IYSWIM): he'd rant on about blacks and women and gays, but he was fine with individual people who happened to be black or female or gay, particularly once they won his confidence (such as Verity Lambert and Waris Hussein).
Even the notorious tale of how he treated Max Adrian on The Myth Makers has its subtleties; what shocked Adrian was that Hartnell was being so unpleasant to him given that they'd worked together before and got on well. And the explanation for that seems to be that Hartnell was out of sorts in general and just kicking out at any excuse: Myth Makers was the first story to be produced by John Wiles, so Hartnell was missing Verity Lambert; and Wiles had immediately rubbed Hartnell up the wrong way by effectively sacking Maureen O'Brien (who Hartnell liked immensely), and by refusing to let Hartnell have a day off rehearsals for his aunt's funeral (Hartnell being too proud to admit that, because he was illegitimate and his mother had more or less abandoned him when she did marry, his aunt had raised him and was, in every meaningful way, his mother).
Thanks, that's very interesting info
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