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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Altair sector.
B is for the Bussard Collectors. Not "Buzzard". Silly Data.
C is for Cardassia Prime, central planet and homeworld of the Cardassian Empire/Union.
D is for the D. The USS Enterprise 1701-D. Perfected the planetary "belly-flop" manuever.
E is for Enterprise chief engineers, including Trip, Scotty and Geordi.
F is for Federation Penal Settlement.
G is for Gorn aggression along their border with the Federation.
H is for Helmsman Sulu.
I is for Ilia's smile.
J is for J'Naii deviants.
K is for Klingon claims to the Archanis sector, which were ancient.
L is for Lore, Data's "brother"
M is for Martia, shapeshifting inmate on Rura Penthe in 2293.
N is for Neural implants.
O is for Odona of Gideon.
P is for Pacifica.
Q is for Q'apla, a common Klingon verbal expression meaning "success" or "victory."
R is for Rigel.
S is for Steamrunner-class starships of the late 24th century.
T is for Troi's Tits.
U is for Ulterior motives of Captain Ransom of the stranded Federation starship Equinox.
V is for Vaal. Computer-god-machine.
W is for Warrior species of the Alpha Quadrant, of which the Klingons were the best-known.
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