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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #75: Family

Welcome to the 75th TNG Avatar Contest! I would first like to give another congratulations to our most recent winners: JINXED and F0under! As chosen by episode order and our winners, the new themes are...

Episode Theme: Family

Captain Picard takes leave on Earth and visits his family while recovering from his assimilation into the Borg. Worf's human parents visit the Enterprise and help him deal with his discommendation.

TNG Theme: Main Bridge
Perhaps the most used set of the show, let's get some great shots of it here!

Random Theme: Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell, considered so epic by one of my friends that the very thought of him makes her drive on the wrong side of the road... Any avatars of him belong here!

Entries must be no larger than 150x150 pixels or 140kb in size. Entries will be accepted for 10 days, ending on Halloween! Voting shall follow, to choose the winners of the...

Golden Data

Designed by Klaus

Good luck!
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