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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

I didn't read the whole thread, only maybe up to page 9.

However, I mostly agree with this:

Continuity. They didn't have to tie in with classic Trek at all, but in making their "not just for Trekkies" movies they've included more nods and references than any prior Star Trek. Not only to the episodes and movies, but they've drawn on novels, comics, old technical manuals and even some videogames and ancient fanlore. It's completely insane how much they've managed to cram in. There are almost two movies running parallel - the one the casual viewer sees, and the one the hardcore Trekkie sees, where everything has extra significance.
I'd like to add, that a lot of these grievances, like transwarp transporters and such, at least to me, seem like throwaway plot devices simply to get you going on the story without bogging it down.

In TNG, there would have had to be this huge explanation riddled with like 10 mins of treknobabble to paint a "logical" working of such a device. The writers didn't want to do that, instead used it simply to get from point A to point B in the story.

I agree with a lot of the complaints, but willing to overlook them because the movies are pretty fun. I wish someone would have tried doing this in the TNG movies. We might have gotten a few decent ones instead of the dreck we got.

I agree with the quote that nuTrek is really trying to be mass appeal Trek, catering to younger audiences, and they are trying to be as faithful to the original material without hurting the style that attracts the younger people.

I admit that, while I liked TOS, it wasn't my favorite series. I might be more pissed if nuTrek had been a TNG reboot. Reimagine Data or the Enterprise D, and there'll be hell to pay!
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